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  • B.A. in Art History (with Distinction) - Tel-Aviv University
  • M.A. in the Studies of Contemporary Art & Curating - University of Liverpool (ext. in Israel)
  • Certificated Art Appraisal Studies - New-York University
  • Professional Gemology. Certificated Studies, EGC (EGL) Israel
  • Professional Photography Studies - Hadassa College of Technology, Jerusalem

    Experience and occupation

      - Independent Art Appraiser (since 1996), appraising Fine Art, Antiques, Jewelry and  
         Collectibles. Among my clients are public institutes (such as the Music Academy in
        Jerusalem, The Rishon Lezion Museum), Israeli and International insurance agents
         and companies, Israeli Tax Authority, lawyers and courthouses, corporate and private collectors.
      - Art Adviser, providing advisory for private and corporate clients. Consulting
        in cases of acquisition and selling of fine art and antiques.
      - Professional photographer.
      - Former Photographer and co-editor of 'Mechira-Pumbit' ('Auction'), the Israeli
        Magazine for Fine Art & Collectibles.
      - Co-editor of 'Art 2000' and 'Art 2001' the most comprehensive price guide and
          index for Israeli Art auction prices.
      - Senior lecturer at the leading courses in Israel for Art Appreciation and Collecting
         Shorashim Gallery school (formerly), The Open University, Levi Itzhak, et. al.

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    M.A. Arts & Curating
    Certified Art Appraiser
    Since 1996