Art Consulting

  A "hand in hand" close work with the client as their personal Art
    Adviser, from the first step of determining the client's taste, budget and
  Tracking down suitable art works, advising and guiding the client all
     the way to a successful acquisition, at the most attractive prices, All of
     which with a close familiarity and knowledge of the currents and
     tendencies of the Israeli and International Art markets.
  Curating service and help with logistics, such as shipment, framing and
     installation, while in constant contact with professionals in those fields.
  Advising and helping in cases of need of restoration, while in constant
    contact with leading professional restorers.
  Appraisals for insurance purposes, and connection to
     insurance companies and agents.
  Appraisals and consultation in case of selling.
  Consultation can be given for various purposes from decorating
     private residential home or office to building a collection either private or
     corporate for investment purposes.
  Consultation can be given for a one time acquisition or for as many
     needed to build a complete collection, and maintaining it for a long
     period time. During which the collection may of course be renovated and

In my favor stand:

  Many years of high education in Fine Art studies
  Many years of experience and close and constant acquaintance with
     Israeli and International Art Market
  I maintain close relationships with artists, Galleries and Auction Houses
    all over the world, as well as with leading professionals in the fields of art
    logistics, restoration and insurance.
  My client will always get personal and professional attention.
  Professional integrity and the best of the client are always my first

M.A. Arts & Curating
Certified Art Appraiser
Since 1996