Professional Appraisals of:
Fine Art, Decorative Art Objects, Antiques,
Jewelry, Judaica and Collectibles
Brick Factory at Tortosa
Professional Appraisals of:
Fine Art, Decorative Art Objects, Antiques,
Jewelry, Judaica and Collectibles

Appraisal / Valuation

Legal Expertises



Fine Art

Antiques & Collectibles


Silver & Judaica



  • B.A. in Art History (with Distinction) – Tel-Aviv University
  • M.A. in the Studies of Contemporary Art & Curating – University of Liverpool (ext. in Israel)
  • Certificated Art Appraisal Studies – New-York University
  • Professional Gemology. Certificated Studies, EGC (EGL) Israel
  • Professional Photography Studies – Hadassa College of Technology, Jerusalem

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Experience and occupation

  • Independent Art Appraiser (since 1996), appraising Fine Art, Antiques, Jewelry and Collectibles. Among my clients are public institutes (such as the Music Academy in Jerusalem, The Rishon Lezion Museum), Israeli and International insurance agents and companies, Israeli Tax Authority, Ministry of Justice, Israeli Police, lawyers and courthouses, corporate and private collectors.
  • Art Adviser, providing advisory for private and corporate clients. Consulting in cases of acquisition and selling of fine art and antiques.
  • Senior lecturer at the leading courses in Israel for Art Appreciation and Collecting Shorashim Gallery school (formerly), The Open University, Levi Itzhak, et. al.
  • Professional photographer.
  • Former Photographer and co-editor of ‘Mechira-Pumbit’ (‘Auction’), the Israeli Magazine for Fine Art & Collectibles.
  • Co-editor of ‘Art 2000’ and ‘Art 2001’ the most comprehensive price guide and index for Israeli Art auction prices.

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Art Appraising – FAQs

An art appraisal is an objective assessment or determining of value, often being an important criterion in the process of acquisition, sale, distribution of property etc.

  • investment
  • insurance coverage
  • property distribution – estate/ inheritance, or divorce
  • Damage or theft claims
  • Consultation before acquiring or selling (whether at auctions
    or in a gallery or other markets)
  • Liquidation – in emergencies such as bankruptcy
  • Tax deduction (in cases of charity)
  • And even sheer curiosity…
  • Collectors, or anyone who owns valuables
  • Insurance Agents – for clients who own art works and objects, for correct and suitable insurance coverage
  • Insurance Companies – for the reasons mentioned above, and in cases of claims
  • Lawyers – while representing clients in cases of damage or theft claims, divorce, estate managing etc.
  • Art galleries
  • Commercial companies who own art collections

Each item has at least three types of value:

  1. Retail replacement value (the highest) – mostly used for insurance purposes.
  2. Fair Market Value – price agreed between a willing buyer and a willing seller,
    neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell, and both know all relevant facts.
  3. Liquidation Value (the lowest) – used in cases when fast cash is necessary.

There are three approaches to determine the value of an object. The appraiser may sometimes choose to combine between them.

  1. The Comparison Approach – based on comparing values of identical or similar objects in the relevant market for the relevant purpose (auctions, retailers, markets, galleries…)
  2. The Income Approach – based on the future income an object may bring to determine profitability in cases of investment in art an antiques.
  3. The Cost Approach – based on the costs required to restore, replace or reproduce an item which was stolen/ damaged/ totally lost.

A client who orders an appraisal with me receives an official documentation, in which includes:

  • Full and detailed descriptions for the evaluated pieces
  • Photographs and estimated values for all appraised items

This document is bound, signed and stamped with a wax stamp to prevent alternations. It is accepted by any official institute, law firms, courts and insurance companies.

Furthermore, I provide a full appraiser-client confidentiality concerning all details of the appraised items, their owner and their location.

Art Consulting


Curating service and help with logistics, such as shipment, framing and installation, while in constant contact with professionals in those fields.


Tracking down suitable art works, advising and guiding the client all the way to a successful acquisition, at the most attractive prices, All of which with a close familiarity and knowledge of the currents and tendencies of the Israeli and International Art markets.

Close Assistance

A "hand in hand" close work with the client as their personal Art Adviser, from the first step of determining the client's taste, budget and goals.


Consultation can be given for a one time acquisition or for as many needed to build a complete collection, and maintaining it for a long period time. During which the collection may of course be renovated and upgraded.


Consultation can be given for various purposes – from decorating private residential home or office to building a collection either private or corporate for investment purposes.


Appraisals for insurance purposes, and connection to insurance companies and agents. Appraisals and consultation in case of selling.

In my favor stand:

  • Many years of high education in Fine Art studies
  • Many years of experience and close and constant acquaintance with Israeli and International Art Market
  • I maintain close relationships with artists, Galleries and Auction Houses all over the world, as well as with leading professionals in the fields of art logistics, restoration and insurance.

My client will always get personal and professional attention.
Professional integrity and the best of the client are always my first priority.


כמה זה שווה 2

“What’s it worth?” (1-1.5 hours)

Introduction to art appraising. In this lecture, I will discuss the types ofvalues, the reasons for valuation, and basic terms in art appraising. Aswell as the status of art appraising…
‎⁨מי מפחד מאמנות 1⁩

Who’s Afraid of Art? (1.5 hours)

Introduction to Investment in art has already proven itself as highly beneficial. Whether you wish to buy art for personal use and enjoyment or if you wish to invest in…
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How to become a collector? (2-3 hours)

Who’s a collector? What is considered a collection? Tips and guide lines for the beginning collectors – How to start? What to collect? Where to buy? – Answers to all…
מבוא לאספנות כלי כסף

Collecting Silver (3 hours)

Silver plating techniques Sliver identification – silver hallmarks of the world Identifying fake silver Helpful information for restoring, cleaning, and storing silverware. The lecture is digitally illustrated, and includes silverware…
מבוא לתכשיטים עתיקים

Introduction to old jewelry (1.5 or 3 hours)

The lecture will discuss different types of gold alloys, calculation of price for gold jewelry (new), basic terms and characteristics of antique jewelry (i.e. clasps, gemstone cuts and settings in…
תכשיטים ויקטוריאניים 1

Victorian Jewelry (1820-1900) (1.5+1.5 hours)

The lecture is given in two parts: Part A – The first half of the 19th Century – continuing traditions from the 18th Century, Naturalism, Romanticism, Symbolism and Sentimentalism Part…

Art-Nouveau Jewelry (1895-1910) (1.5 hours)

The lecture will discuss the social changes and stylistic developments in the turn of the Century, materials used, decorating techniques, characteristics and motifs while mentioning the leading designers of that…
תכשיטי ארט דקו

Art-Deco Jewelry (1920-1930) (1.5 hours)

The lecture will discuss the social changes and stylistic developments between the Wars, materials used, decorating techniques, characteristics and motifs, while mentioning the leading designers of that time. The lecture…
תכשיטי אופנה

Costume Jewelry (3 hours)

The lecture will discuss the “affordable” jewelry starting at the late 18th Century, through the 19th Century, and especially in the 20th Century, also referred to as the ‘Golden Age’…
‎⁨מבוא לריהוט עתיק⁩

Introduction to Antique Furniture (3 hours)

The lecture will provide tips on how to examine an antique piece offurniture – where and what to look for… Introduction to the materials andtechniques used in certain periods (woods,…
כלי זכוכית בהטבעת כסף 1

Silver Overlay Glass (1.5 hours)

An introduction to this unique type of glassware and its specialdecoration technique. I will look and examine the ways to collect, anddiscuss its market status. The lecture is digitally illustrated,…
צילום עתיק

Antique Photography (1839-1910) (1.5 hours)

An introduction to the first techniques of photography, examination of the ways to collect, and the market status. The lecture is digitally illustrated, and includes antique photos for demonstration.

Lectures may be held at home circles by choice. It is possible to conduct a course, by assembling lectures from the list below. Written material will be distributed in most lectures. A private lecture – accompanied by a colorful presentation and illustrative objects – held at the convenience and intimacy of your home, may also be an original idea for a present! – for a collector, or anyone interested in art or antiques.

Because no one will appreciate your art like I will